Friday, November 24, 2017

Night Zoo

Night Zoo
Once there was a boy and he was 12 his name was Tom. Tom worked in the night zoo where anything is possible.Tom was friendly to all animals.

Tom had floppy hair and he had a teleporting torch.Tom has a purple uniform and a hat with a picture of an golden elephant on.

Tom will act curious when something new happens and scared when spiders come.Tom will sometimes act brave when he is going to fight things.

Tom thinks that something bad might happen when something new comes.Tom acts scared when spiders come.He will feel brave when he will fight.Tom likes to fight and play with sam.

Toms last name was rivers and to tom the Zoo was very special.when tom was little his grandma told him about the Night Zoo.

Tom liked the night zoo and he liked all animals but he hated spiders,bullies and vegetable soup But he had a magical imagination.

When Tom was six he drew a picture of a spying giraffe called Sam.Tom decided that Sam loved vegetable soup and hated standing still.
Sam lived in the water fly woods and he liked to play hide and go seek.Sam was invisible but a fantastic spy.Sam loved Tom Sam would look after Tom and helped Tom when he was needed.

You can make your own imaginary world and make your own animals.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Magic show

Magic show

On the 13/9/17 Kokatahi had Vas Koloski a magician came to school he showed us lots of magic he had some animals and the bird looked like it was dyed pink and white.

The first trick that he did was he had some scarfs and then he put the scarf in his hand then made it disappear and he had really odd music on.

Next he had a box then put a knife in a hole that was in the box and he made a bird come in the box.

We were learning about healthy foods he said that if we ate too much unhealthy food we would end up with lots of fillings and rotten teeth.He told us what we should eat every day Grains,Dairy,Fruits,Vegetables and Proteins.
We learnt lots of things about healthy food and had lots of fun. We found out that you can do lots of tricks with water.   on the magic show we got some pictures of people on the stage the first one is of someone in my class and they got a heep of unhealthy food that was not real

This is of Alanna trying to do a magic trick
This is of Matthew wearing a suit  and got to have a sheld 

Friday, September 8, 2017

Duck Creek

Duck  Creek

On Thursday last week the Kea Class from Kokatahi School went to Duck Creek we had some people from DOC to help us to find out what Invertebrates we might find in the Creek.They showed us where the Creek came from.
We had to get into groups with one adult so we could be safe.We got some equipment to catch some Invertebrates in the creek we got to have some kick nets and a ice-cream container to put the Invertebrates in.

The Class went to the Creek and we went in the creek to get some Invertebrates. We find out what they were.

My group went to the middle of the Creek that was like a grass island and found heaps of Invertebrates. I thought that there must be some hiding in the grassy bits.

We found heaps of Invertebrates in the Creek so we went to see what Invertebrates other groups had caught we found out that there good Invertebrates.

At the end we went back in the class and talked about what we found and what weeds were bad for rivers.On Friday we are all going back to do a riparian assessment.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Riparian Planting

Riparian Planting    

Riparian planting is when you plant some trees and lot’s  of nice plants near a creek. The trees suck up all of the nutrient runoff  from cattle so it does not get into the creek

It is good to have some trees near the creek for the fish
stay nice and cool. It is good for the fish in shady water so they will not get hot.

The trees can stop erosion from happening. The roots keep the river bank from falling down in the creek. If the trees were not there the river bank would just fall into the creek and then the fish will not be able to find food.
If the nutrient runoff goes in a creek it will lead into a lake  or the sea People might swim in the lake or in the sea sometimes.

In summary this is good for the fish and for the environment if it does not happen there will be lots of muddy lakes and rivers and you would not want to swim in muddy lake and think about the animals they will not want to live there they might even die.

Friday, August 18, 2017

The Water Cycle

Water Cycle

                 The water cycle is like a wheel that keeps on going and the order is evaporation condensation precipitation.some countries can not just get clean water some of the water has to be filtered we only have 0.6% of clean fresh water 2.4% ice is in the world when we have 97% of salt water that we can not use.

Evaporation is when the water from lakes, rivers, swamps and the sea comes up and turns into water vapor.You could see some smoke in the hot pools that is water vapor.Transpiration is like  Evaporation but Transpiration is when the water comes off of a leaf.

Condensation is when little droplets go in the sky and get heated up then turns into a cloud.Condensation is the opposite of evaporation.

Lastly, precipitation happens when lots of water gets in the cloud it gets too heavy for the sky to hold it drops down as rain, hail, and sleet then other clouds will copy.

In summary, this water cycle will keep on going and never stop.there are three forms of water which are liquids, solids, and steam.Test to see how the water cycle works what you need a drink bottle with water in, some chalk a sunny and shady place. What to do get the water bottle then go outside make a puddle in the sunny place and put the same lot of water in the shady place put the chalk around both of the puddles then see which one take the longest.

Monday, August 14, 2017